How to keep your pets healthy during the spring season?


Springtime means pleasant warm days, breezy evenings and short nights. After a long winter season, it is finally time for our pets to sneak out of doors and explore the green meadows blooming with blossoms. Veterinarians in Virginia Beach suggest taking preventive care for pets during the spring time so that you and your furry babies can enjoy the season to its fullest.

So, here we have listed down a few tips on how to take care of your furry buddies during spring.

Use a medicated flea/tick preventative : 
With spring in full swing, it is time for ticks and fleas to hit back with full might. Ones a pet is infested with these parasites, it is tough to prevent them from spreading and causing illness. If you see your pooch scratching, check for the fleas and use some medicated preventatives to kill them. If you see the situation getting out of control, it is advisable to take your pet to Virginia Beach veterinary clinic.

Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations :
Spring means more time outside the house. If you are the one who let their pets get outdoorsy, you need to be wary of various risks lurking outside. Dogs and cats that mingle with other animals outside are at higher risk of catching the contagious illness. The easiest way to keep them safe is by getting them properly vaccinated. To prevent them from getting infected, give your pets adequately vaccinated.

 Schedule your pet’s annual exam :
No matter how young or old your pet is, it is always beneficial to take him to the vet for a yearly check-up. Since it is often difficult to catch the signs of illness in pets, regular checkup can help you keep a tab on their health.

Be smart about spring cleaning :
Spring is the best time to get your house pet-friendly. The best way to pet-proof your home is by locking all the cleaning and dangerous substances locked in. Animals are curious creatures that are always eager to explore thing. No surprise that our pooches can mistake pill bottles or toothpaste caps as toys and choke on them.

Identify your pet’s allergies :
Humans are not only the ones to get affected by pollen during spring. Animals too are allergic to pollens. Our fur babies may not sneeze or cough, but they may develop breathing difficulties and suffer from irritated skin. In case your pet has caught any allergy, rush him to the vet.

Give proper grooming to your pets :
Spring is the time when molting begins. If you have a long-haired pooch or a cat, it is best to brush his hair once a day. Although dogs, cats, and rabbits love grooming themselves, you can offer a helping hand in getting them all cleaned.

Take them out for exercise :
Long cold wintery days are finally over, and with that, it is time to take your pooches and fur babies out for a walk. Spring is the best time to get outdoorsy, exercise and enjoy the pleasant, breezy sunsets. Regular exercise will keep your pets in good shape and will help them shed off that extra winter weight. Regular exercise is also effective in preventing arthritis and diabetes.

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